vOpenData Update – Dashboard v2.0

A few days ago I pushed live a new update for the vOpenData Dashboard which included a few interesting things from an application perspective, I wanted to highlight some of them here.

###The Code

The first major thing is that the first version of the dashboard was written using a framework called Dashing which is a sweet frame work for developing dashboards from any datasource really quickly but, as it turns out, is not great at efficiently handling hundreds of connections.

Because of this I re-wrote the dashboard from scratch using a simple Sinatra app, it ended up only being about 40 lines of actual logic (not including the HTML part) to get the job done, pretty awesome.

This simplicity also allowed me to throw some memcache caching up infront of it to handle just about any traffic I can throw at it. I actually tested up to 250 hits/second using and it functioned flawlessly. Awesome.

vOpenData – Crunching Everyone’s Data For Fun And Knowledge

It has been quite some time since I have gotten a chance to write on this blog but recently I was able to work with Willian Lam (@lamw) on a really awesome project so I thought this was a great opportunity to start up again. This project really started from a tweet by Duncan Epping (@duncanyb):

This really got me thinking, I get asked these questions all the time and there really isn’t a good answer to it. Since I am going to need to answer this question more often in the future I decided that I would take on this challenge, thus vOpenData was born.


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